Difference between among and between

among and between: among When discussing more than one object or people. This could be two, three, four or any except one item. between When discussing exactly two objects or people. What is the difference between among and between More accurately when discussing exactly two items, it is more appropriate to use “between” than “among”. However, you can still use it. However, when discussing more than two items, you can only use “among” and “between” cannot be used.

Difference between needy and poor

needy vs poor: Needy: Needy is anyone who needs something. However, he or she may not be able to satisfy their needs with their reasonable efforts. Poor: This is a comparison with a richer. It is hard to define. Someone with less money, for eg: $10,000 might feel that they are richer whereas someone else with $50,000 may feel that they are poor. This depends on the comparison and self satisfaction. A person with a very positive spirit never feels […]

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