Difference between an abacus and the computer

Abacus Vs computer: Have you ever given a thought about the manner in which the computer that you sit and type at day in and day out first evolved? Would you be amazed that this hi-tech instrument which has become an indispensable machine, not only for the day to day work of the ordinary man, but also for ruling countries actually did evolve from the abacus? What is the abacus? An abacus, better known as a counting frame is an […]

Difference between an ABA number and a routing number

ABA number Vs routing number: Sorting through and classifying the bundles of checks and documents which are drawn from various financial institutes can be quite tiresome for large scale banks which conduct operations in a grand scale. Therefore, the American Banker’s Association has identified a way in which it bestows specific number by which these things can be identified in. What is an ABA number? The ABA number , also refered to as the ABA routing number, is a unique […]

Differences between Ab initio and Informatica

Ab initio Vs Informatica: A conversation regarding software and data management will never be complete without these terms which most undoubtedly sounds so terribly alien and technical to most. However, because of the importance of these tools, it is imperative that one must know the differences between Ab initio and Informatica. What is ab initio? Ab Initio is a niche ETL tool considered as favorable for very large data volumes and is quite popular with Fortune1000 companies. It will offer […]

Difference between AAS and AS

AAS Vs AS: AAS which is known as the Associates in Applied Science, and AS which is known as the Associates in Science are both well accepted and prestigious degrees of which the difference is worth knowing. What is AAS? The Associates in Applied Science degree, more prominently known as the AAS, is usually awarded to people who plan on going straight into the workforce after their graduation. It takes two years to complete of which the year is broken […]

Difference between an aardvark and an anteater

Aardvark Vs anteater: Although these two terms are often used interchangeably, aardvarks and anteaters are two different animals who are thus closely associated because of the similarities of their appearance. Yet, they are not related to each other in any way. What is an aardvark? A aardvark, scientifically known as Orycteropus afer is known as the only living species of the Tubulidentata mammalian order. Its scientific name probably gives away its origns as the term Orycteropus afer means the “earth […]

Difference between a need and a want

Need vs want: An essential factor in financial planning would be learning to utilize one’s economies wisely as opposed to purchasing all that one does not need. In order to do that, one needs to distinguish the difference between a want and a need. Although both these things have the potential of making an individual happy when they have been achieved, there are very large differences between these two terms that sets them apart. What is a need? A need […]

Difference between a switch and a circuit breaker

Switch vs circuit breaker: It is of no absolute doubt that switches and circuit breakers are essential items in every household. Not only they are of an acute use which makes day to day activity of a human much easier, they keep one safe from accidents as well. Therefore, one must know the differences between these two uber commodious items which are found in every household. What is a switch? A switch performs the role of creating an air insulation […]

Difference between a pure substance and a mixture

Pure substance vs a mixture: Everything on this planet, be it at home, on the road, at the beach, in the countryside belongs to either one of these two categories. Every element that is around us are made up of either a single element or a mixture of several elements. Therefore, it is of extreme importance that one recognizes the difference between a pure substance and a mixture. What is a pure substance? A pure substance is usually made up […]

Difference between a psychopath and a sociopath

Psychopath and sociopath: Psychopath and sociopath are two terms which refer to individuals who suffer from two antisocial medical conditions which take away these individuals’ ability to show empathy towards others. The perpetual confusion between these two words, owing no doubt to the apparent similarities between the two conditions is rather uncanny. Therefore, this article seeks to explore the differences between these two terms which will aid in determining the differences between these two terms as well. Who is a […]

Difference between a psychologist and a psychotherapist

Psychologist vs psychotherapist: Both the terms psychologist and psychotherapist commence with “psych” which signifies the mind. Therefore both these professionals can be termed as professionals who aid indivuals in dealing with the diseases of the mind, though, this is done in their own special ways which is unique to themselves. Who is a psychologist? A psychologist can be defined as a non-medical health-care professional who possesses a masters degree or a doctorate in psychology and who treats people with methods […]

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