Difference between a panic attack and an anxiety attack

Anxiety vs panic attacks: The terms anxiety attack and panic attack are often used interchangeably and while this is okay in some cases, it is not regarded as suitable in others. There are certain differences between an anxiety attack and a panic attack the differences of which will be discussed in this article that follows. What is an anxiety attack? Anxiety can be generally defined as a feeling of discomfort prior to doing something. It is situational and is often […]

Differences between anxiety and depression

Anxiety vs Depression: The difference between anxiety and depression are sometimes regarded as closely knit and hardly definable, but there are many differences between these two conditions which makes it easier for them to be told apart. While both these conditions are neurological and emotional, anxiety is considered as a normal, rather ordinary human emotion whereas depression is a medical condition which deserves immediate medical attention. Both anxiety and depression can be triggered off by the memory of an unpleasant […]

Difference between ADHD and anxiety

Anxiety vs ADHD: Anxiety and ADHD are conditions of the mind which are often confused with one another perhaps because of the similarities of symptoms of the two conditions. However, they cannot be used synonymously as they are completely different syndromes and each has their unique characteristics as well as method of cure. What is anxiety? Anxiety can be generally defined as a feeling of discomfort prior to doing something. It is situational and is often based on a previous […]

Difference between horns and antlers

Antlers vs horns: The animal world is a fascinating place where the diversity of appearences, species and their different characteristics can be quite breathtaking. They have mesmerizing features such as horns and antlers which render these creatures of the forest majestic at the same time, endowed with unnatural beauty. Yet, horns and antlers confuse many a people as they tend to think that these two features are indeed one and the same. Yet, it is very wrong to assume so. […]

Difference between antiseptic and disinfectant

Antiseptic vs disinfectant: The terms antiseptics and disinfectant are often heard to be used synonymously as many people are led in to thinking that they are indeed one and the same. Both disinfectants and antiseptics are used to kill bacteria and other harmful viruses and yet, it is very wrong to assume that they are one and the same as they differ greatly in certain aspects. What is an antiseptic? Antiseptics can be defined as agents that are used on […]

Difference between cellular respiration and photosynthesis

Cellular respiration Vs photosynthesis: Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are both cellular processes organisms which are utilized in obtaining energy that is needed for survival of certain things. These two terms are often confused to to the similarity of the two processes and yet, they are very different terms which deserve individual recognition. What is cellular respiration? Cellular respiration can be explained as the process in which certain organisms derive energy from food sources and then break them down in order […]

Difference between cell phone and smartphone

Cell phone Vs smartphone: Since the mobile phone was first introduced to the world in its most simplest and the most barest form, it has come a very long way. Because of the unnerving competition in the mobile phone industry, more and more phones are being introduced in to the world each passing day. one such phone that has been introduced is the smartphone which took the world by storm. Therefore, this article seeks to distinguish the differences between the […]

Difference between ABG and VBG

ABG vs VBG: For an individual to be recruited for emergency services, that person is required to be highly trained in the medical profession. They must be ready to provide their services which includes providing medical assistance and also administering medicine during emergency situations. In order to draw a conclusion over the condition of a patient, a medical professional is required to check many aspects of that particular individual such as the patient’s airway, breathing, circulation, etc. the terms AVG […]

Difference between ABEC 5 and ABEC 7

ABEC 5 vs ABEC 7: ABEC which stands for the Annular Bearing Engineers Committee which is an industry accepted standard for the tolerances of a ball bearing developed by the Annual Engineers Committee of the American Bearing Manufacturers Association. There are five tolerances such as 1,3,5,7 and 9 of which a higher amount conveys a better precision, speed and efficiency which does not however, assure faster spinning of the components. What is ABEC 5? ABEC 5 bearings are mostly used […]

Difference between abduction and kidnapping

Abduction vs Kidnapping: Kidnapping and abduction are two terms which are seen to be used interchangeably because of the general confusion that these two terms create. Yet, there are slight differences between these two terms which makes it easier to distinguish between the two. What is abduction? Abduction may be defined as the process of taking someone by tricking him or her and holding that person captive. The intent is often not made known in an abduction and also, a […]

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