Difference between an arbitrator and a mediator

Arbitrator vs mediator: The world is full of constant struggles and conflicts which often involve the rather irksome process of litigation. Litigation can be quite messy and long lasting and it does not come off cheap either. Therefore, people have created alternative dispute resolution methods by the employment of which one can completely avoid the troubles and intricacies of litigation. Arbitration and mediation are two such methods introduced in order to render the system much more bearable for individuals living […]

Difference between an agent and a broker

Agent vs broker: An agent and a broker both usually perform the same kind of a duty in being the mediator or the middle man during business transactions between a company and its customers. They intervene in these transactions and provide their services so as to make these deals as less cumbersome as possible to both the parties. Agent An agent usually represents a company. He is an employee of the company and he is the person that the consumer […]

Difference between babysitters and nannies

Babysitters vs nannies: The difference between a babysitter and a nanny can be quite subtle with regards to the fact that both are dedicated to quality childcare in the absence of its parents. These two terms cannot, however, be used interchangeably. Therefore, this article seeks to emphasise certain differences as to what makes a babysitter different than a nanny. Who is a babysitter? A babysitter is a person who provides childcare for families as needed and when needed. They take […]

Difference between axioms and theorems

Axioms and theorems: Axioms and theorems are terms that often get confused. While some may be well aware of the differences between the two terms, others may be completely bewildered by these which is why this articles seeks to define axioms and theorems at the same time, pointing out some of their differences as well. What are axioms? Based on logic, an axiom, which is also referred to as a postulate, or an assumption , can be defined as a […]

Difference between audit and evaluation

Audit vs evaluation: The words audit and evaluation mean, on a linguistic level, assessing or processing whereas in an economical sense of the word, it has many dissimilarities which are crucial in distinguishing one from the other. These are two important processes which are of utmost importance to any organization in terms of assessing products, performances and metrics. What is audit? While audit is the evaluation of a person, system, organization or product thus performed to determine its validity and […]

Difference between attorney and lawyer

Attorney vs Lawyer: Because of the blatant similarity of these two terms, one often tends to confuse these two terms. Yet, an Attorney and a lawyer are two quite different personals with difference roles to play in the filed of law. But despite these slight differences which matter quite a lot to state bar associations, these two terms have practically become interchangeable in the United States. Lawyer A lawyer is defined as someone who is trained in law and whose […]

Difference between apple juice and apple cider

Apple juice vs apple cider: Both apple juice and apple cider are popular beverages, undoubtedly. There is not much of a difference between these two beverages, but then again, the difference too depends upon where one lives. What is apple cider? In united states, the beverage that one calls apple cider is the liquid that one gets when apples are cut, mashed in to a liquid and pressed for juice. This juice which is obtained usually contains apple pulp and […]

Difference between anxiety and worry

Anxiety vs worry: Anxiety and worry are two sentiments which are common to all. One gets anxious when something that he or she is not used to happens and one gets worried when something is not going according to plan and is fearful of what might come to pass. And yet, worry and anxiety that lasts a long time can cause problems in the long run which may even lead to severe mental health issues. Therefore, it is important that […]

Difference between Android and Blackberry

Android vs Blackberry : It is of absolute necessity that one keeps up with the rapidly moving technology and yet it is becoming extremely difficult to do so because of the absurdly rapid grow of the technology. Mobile phones too have joined in this rat race that after one state of the art mobile phone, another one is being introduced, even before the heat of the previous have faded. Android and Blackberry are two such phones that have locked their […]

Difference between anxiety and stress

Anxiety vs stress: Although many may believe that anxiety and stress refer to the one and the same condition, these are two completely different types of manifestations. Both conditions may result from the same reasons as their base, but the symptoms and other particulars of these two terms are quite different. What is anxiety? Anxiety can be generally defined as a feeling of discomfort prior to doing something. It is situational and is often based on a previous experience of […]

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