Difference between rich and poor countries

Rich vs Poor countries: The society is made of different people who belong to different cultures, traditions and social levels. Despite all these differences, the gap between rich and poor matters a lot. According to world classifications, there are rich counties in the world as well as poor countries. These countries have many differences than wealth. Therefore, this paper presents a slight description on rich and poor countries explaining the difference between them, in order to provide an idea about […]

Difference between Hadoop and RDBMS

Hadoop vs RDBMS: RDBMS and Hadoop are different concepts of storing, processing and retrieving the information. DBMS and RDBMS are in the literature for a long time whereas Hadoop is a new concept comparatively. As the storage capacities and customer data size are increased enormously, processing this information with in a reasonable amount of time becomes crucial. Especially when it comes to data warehousing applications, business intelligence reporting, and various analytical processing, it becomes very challenging to perform complex reporting […]

Difference between acquaintance and friend

Acquaintance vs Friend: Human beings are social creatures and because of this inherent nature of man, we tend to develop certain kinds of bonds and relationships with other human beings and give them various names and definitions. Friend and acquaintance are two such names that we bestow upon two such groups of people with whom we have developed certain bonds with. But how do we distinguish between the two? Let us find out.   Who is a friend? The term […]

Difference between Bluetooth and wireless

Bluetooth vs wireless: Bluetooth and wireless are two very popular technologies that allow different devices to connect with one another and share data from a distance. These two technologies exist in all kinds of computers, laptops and mobile phones alike. However, the purposes that Bluetooth and wireless serve are very different. Therefore, in order to differentiate these two extremely useful devices from one another, it is imperative that their true nature be revealed in a comprehensive manner.   What is […]

Difference between Netbook and ipod touch

Netbook vs iPod touch: Portability is one of the concerns a consumer has, when he is going to buy a modern day piece of technology. Manufacturers, having understood the tendency, develop whatever their device into a smarter device, which facilitate the consumer with light weight and portability and they take as much efforts as possible to make it an all-in-one device as well. In the world of smart devices, we see devices starting from MP3 players to more advanced devices […]

Difference between open source and free software

Open source software vs free software: When speaking of software, one has to cover a very broad scope. There are various types of software designed for diverse purposes and functions. Two such types of software are open source software and free software. Though they share several similarities, they are two different types of software. Yet, many people find it difficult to differentiate between the two kinds of software applications. Therefore, this article strives to provide the reader with brief and […]

Difference between symphony and orchestra

Symphony vs Orchestra: Music is a universal language. Lives can be healed through music and it sometimes acts as a form of meditation. People from different countries, speaking different languages, find music as a common language that can be used to communicate among each other. Thus, it is not a secret that Symphonies and Orchestras are known by many. Although they appear to be similar, they have some distinctive differences. Therefore, this article is delivered in order to enlighten those […]

Difference between plasma and LCD

Plasma vs LCD: What if someone wants to throw away their old TV and purchase a new one? Yes, at present times, their first choice would be an HD TV. An HD TV means a High Definition Television which generally offers higher resolution than the current NTSC, PAL and SECAM broadcast standards. When purchasing a flat screen TV or an HDTV, the automatic subsequent question arises would be ‘Plasma or LCD’. Although a lot of people may still think that […]

Difference between tablet computers and Netbooks

Tablet computers vs Netbooks: Today is the era of tablets and smartphones, one would undoubtedly say. Well, is that true? Yes, today is the era of desktop laptop been evolved to tablet computers and cellular phones been evolved to smartphones. The twenty first century can obviously be abridged to tablets computers and smartphones. Netbooks, which are somewhat similar to tablet computers in terms of usability, are another benchmark of the evolution of personal computers. However, as much as they seem […]

Difference between trademark and copyright

Trademark vs copyright: Today’s market is full of various modern products which generally gain high demand from the community. Many create products and put them up for sale. These products generally encompass a huge variety: modern equipment, gadgets, novels, songs, movies, and even theories and hypotheses on various subject matters. Whatever your product is, you need to think of a way to ensure that you- the creator- get the original rights privileges. This is also referred to as intellectual property […]

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